Let’s talk about doing some water heater maintenance today? It will not take very long. . .in reality we were thinking of 10 minutes. You bet, that is all it will require to discuss 2 maintenance jobs that any house owner can complete. The best part is they may help Columbia SC house owners with the following:Columbia SC Water Heater Maintenance Steps

Ensuring ones water heater last for a long time, conserving expenses.
Making sure ones water heater runs safely.
Ensuring that it operates as energy efficiently as attainable, also conserving money.

So with that in mind, let us educate you on how to invest 10 minutes once or two times a year to help prevent any water heater repairs for your Columbia water heater.

T&P Valve Examining

The job of the temperature and pressure relief valve, referred to as the T&P Valve, is incredibly critical. It has the necessary job of making sure excess pressure doesn’t build up on the inside of the water storage tank, which will ensures the water heater does not explode. The infographic below demonstrates the following actions in evaluating it. The lever must be lifted a little then release it. It is supposed to snap back to its original placement quickly. In case it is working appropriately, a little water may be heard moving into the drain pipe beneath the handle that was just raised and the noise of some pressure discharged is perhaps heard. One will be needing a new valve when non-e of these items occur in the course of the test.

Conducting a Mimi Water Heater Tank Flush

By nature, rust and corrosion will happen in the water storage tank due to the chemical reactions going on with the parts that are required to heat the water. We will not go into the complicated chemical details in this article, but by just draining a little of the water, it will help eliminate the sediment, and provide a chance to discover the amount of sediment is within the water heater.

To undertake a tiny flush, position a bucket underneath the drain valve, found at the bottom part of the tank, and open the drain valve. Just drain a couple gallons of water – a few containers full. Allow for the water to sit in the last pail for a number of minutes. After it settles, analyze to see how many things has settled to the lower part of the container. If there is, if the water heater has actually not been drained for a long time (or ever), it would be best to do a complete flush of the tank to get as much of the sediment out as possible.

Consider precisely how clean the water appears to be. When it does not appear too cloudy just performing the mini flush is going to be okay. When there is a great deal of residue in the water a whole flush really should be performed. If you already know it has not been flushed for many years, if ever, it would be advisable to empty all of it.

We will not be going straight into all the measures here to do this, although for educational purposes, initially lower the temperature. Wait at the least one hour to enable the water to cool off prior to draining it. Instead of using the buckets, it truly is less difficult to attach a hose to the drain valve and drain the water outdoors.

If one begins to be aware of weird cracking noises from the water storage tank, it can be a sign that there may be a large level of sediment building up within. This too significantly reduces the energy efficiency of the water heater.

Water heaters will function rather effectively without having very much maintenance, and quite a few house owners tend not to do any sort of maintenance to them. However, to gain the three benefits mentioned in the beginning of the post, it’s important to at a minimum carry out these 2 responsibilities. If you have any questions or feel as if you desire some help initially, contact us! We are always here to assist and to help hinder an unnecessary Columbia Water Heater Repair.

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